Derek Groen, CCS, Chemistry Department, University College London

Welcome to the webpage about me, Derek Groen. I am an interdisciplinary computational researcher working in the Centre for Computational Science at UCL. I'm currently a Fellow of 2020 Science ( and I recently worked on the European CRESTA project ( and the MAPPER project ( In addition, I am a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute

My main research interests include (in arbitrary order):

Contact information:

Centre for Computational Science
University College London
20 Gordon Street
WC1H 0AJ London
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20 7679 5300
Email: d.groen "at"

Recent appearances in the media

There are several news items about our multiscale modelling approach for clay-polymer nanocomposites. For example at the BBC website, the Daily Telegraph and in Materials World.

Interview by the Independent on cerebrovascular bloodflow with HemeLB: Computer simulation could become integral in the diagnosis, treatment, or preventation of disease by the end of the century.

Interview by International Science Grid This Week ( on just about anything I've been involved with recently: Blood flow in the brain, multi-scale modeling, and more. life as an early-career HPC researcher.

Article on MUSCLE in HPCWire: Adding MUSCLE to Multiscale Simulations.

Selected papers on topics I am currently working on:

Chemically Specific Multiscale Modeling of Clay-Polymer Nanocomposites Reveals Intercalation Dynamics, Tactoid Self-Assembly and Emergent Materials Properties:
Advanced Materials, Volume 27, Issue 6, pages 966--984, February 11, 2015.

MAPPER: Flexible composition and execution of high performance, high fidelity multiscale biomedical simulations:
http: //
Interface Focus volume 3, issue 2, 2013.

MAPPER: A Survey of multiscale and multiphysics applications and communities:
accepted by CiSE.

MPWide: A light-weight library for message passing over wide area networks:

Analysing and modelling the performance of the HemeLB lattice-Boltzmann simulation environment

Selected papers on topics I have worked on during my PhD:

SUSHI: A cosmological TreePM N-body code that runs distributed across multiple supercomputers:
More recent conference paper on an improved version:

The CosmoGrid Project: Simulating the universe on an intercontinental grid:

The Living Application: a method to perform distributed multi-solver simulations dynamically and autonomously.

Global GRAPE Grid (G3) Project: Running N-body simulations of star clusters across a network of dedicated hardware sites:

Posters and slidesets

General information about my academic work

If you are interested about all my other publications, then I would recommend to take a look at my Google Scholar page.

Related software

This section provides a listing of public pages and repositories of software I have contributed to.

1. MPWide.
2. FabSim.
3. HemeLB.


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