We are active users of the UK National Supercomputing Centres HPCx and HECToR, via several large supercomputing grants funded by the EPSRC.

We are major users of the US TeraGrid and XSEDE projects through a number of NSF grants. Our work on clays has featured as a TeraGrid Science Highlight. Our TeraGrid work also includes the use of the Ranger machine at Texas Advanced Computer Center (TACC). Details of work undertaken as part of our collaboration with TACC can be found on their website.

We make extensive use of the UK National Grid Service, and our work on the GENIUS project has featured as their research of the month. Our work on research in to the origins of life, using both NGS and TeraGrid resources, has featured on International Science Grid This Week.

Recently we have begun to use the EU PRACE infrastructure, for work in the nanomaterials domain, based on the use of large scale molecular dynamics.

We collaborate with a range of leading companies and industries, including Schlumberger, Fujitsu, SHM Ltd., and Microsoft.