Grant duration: 01-FEB-2011 to 01-JAN-2015
Monetary value: £612,104.00
CCS members: Benjamin Jefferys

Official Site: http://www.p-medicine.eu/

Professors P Coveney and K Pritchard-Jones have been awarded a grant for the EU FP7 p-medicine project. p-medicine brings together international leaders in their fields to create an infrastructure that will facilitate the translation from current practice to personalized medicine. In achieving this objective p-medicine has formulated a coherent, integrated workplan for the design, development, integration and validation of technologically challenging areas of today. The project is designed to bring VPH methods to three sets of clinical trials treating various cancers (leukaemia, breast cancer, Wilms' tumour). The grant is for €13.3M and will last for 4 years. The coordinator is Prof. Dr. Norbert Graf at the University of Saarland. Germany.